When choosing specific studies, it is worth having an image of the labor market and the trends that prevail on it. It is not known today that the demand for various types of IT specialists and engineers will grow. At present (now and in the future), various types of humanists will have problems with work. The choice of your studies must be carefully considered. Studying a given direction in isolation from the actual requirements of future employers is a frequent mistake. It has been known for a long time that high prices are often paid for mistakes.

Information technology – one of the most promising directions.

It is worth thinking about studying computer science. As various studies show, developers are currently one of the best-paid professional groups. Specialists from the labor market argue that the demand for programmers will increase dramatically. The advantage of computer science is that you often only need a computer and adequate perseverance to learn it. Low cost (or even free) you can learn how to use a given programming language.

Experts from the labor market argue. that 50,000 programmers are missing in US. Across the European Union, it is estimated that the programmers’ deficit amounts to 1 million people. According to the aforementioned specialists, the demand for programmers will be even greater in the future than it is today.

Various reflections on bachelor and master theses.

Bachelor and master theses students often consider a sad necessity. If it is necessary to write such a work, it should be created on issues closely related to business practice. The more the thesis is more practical, the better. Creating a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis on a purely abstract subject will not help much in your future career.

Regardless of what would not happen, one should not forget that your competences still need to be developed. It is never too late to acquire the right programming skills. Often it is also a great way to retrain if our education has failed us.

Collecting job ads is a good idea. They show us what the requirements of specific employers are. By using them, we have a clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to create in Excel a database of companies to which we can potentially apply. In such a file we can record a lot of important information about employers and their requirements.

In addition, you also need to remember to work on your mental side. It is worth collecting interesting stories of people who have been successful. They can be a valuable inspiration for us during our struggles in the educational or professional field. To achieve great things, you must have faith that you can do great things in your life with systematic work on yourself. It’s also good to have the habit of focusing only on the so-called thoughts strengthening and eliminating from the mind all thoughts that cause us sadness and doubt.

Either way, a master’s or bachelor’s thesis should not end education. You still need to develop your skills to be an attractive person in the rapidly changing job market.