Bachelor thesis presentation with PowerPoint Example

Published on November 15, 2018 Mandy Theel. Date updated: May 2, 2019

In the presentation of the thesis you ask your research and your main results before.

With a successful presentation you can show the review committee that you have on your mind intensively with your topic, and you become custom writer an expert.

It is not about to repeat your thesis again. Rather, it is a chance to present your research clearly and explain.

A presentation of the thesis is often the first part of the defense of a dissertation. This is followed by a discussion in which the examiners ask questions. This exchange among researchers is often called Colloquium.


type of thesis presentation

There are numerous ways to make a presentation. Question, are desired or prohibited before in your review committee to determine which presentation types possible.

The most common type is the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Other presentation types include creating a Prezi or presenting using Sketch Notes.

Note : Some species require a lot of exercise and a good technical equipment! Think about good, want to go as much as you risk your thesis presentation.

With additional media you create more vivid your presentation.

Examples of presentation styles

function Example
flipchart or whiteboard space for additional notes Explain processes by you record the steps. This you can follow your audience better.
images or short videos illustrate Show a thematically appropriate caricature. Comment them briefly and transfer knowledge to your presentation.
Charts explanation of complex theories and results Helpful tools check Microsoft PowerPoint or on websites such as u. a. Tableau or
Physical examples variety and illustrate
  • RAWgraphs. your thesis on a particular product, a short demonstration or evaluation can be helpful.
  • well documented your subject by examples, this can be illustrated by a brief slide show or a small exhibition.
  • you write about food, a small sample offers.
Handout Does the audience to follow the presentation to take notes and facilitates the subsequent reflection Prints two films your presentation on one side and leave space for additional notes.

Be careful not to overload your presentation, and try to find a good balance between different types of presentation.

Do not forget about to schedule enough time for any additional presentation styles and examples and to involve them during practice.

Presentation Bachelor Working Example

Of course, each presentation is unique and varies depending on the subject and requirements. An ideal template does not exist.

To a first idea of a successful presentation of a thesis to obtain, you may look at the following example of a 15-minute presentation:

Is your thesis properly?

Average contains a thesis 150 error per 1,000 words .

Curious? Move the slider from left to right!

Creating Presentation

The structure of your presentation should be based on the structure of your dissertation.

It is important that you reduce the presentation on the essentials. Is merely your main arguments and key findings ago. However, do not forget in maintaining a common thread.

first Title slide
The title slide is the first impression of your presentation. Here you greet your audience and call the topic of your dissertation.

On your first film should be found the following:

  • your work (eg. B. dissertation, thesis or dissertation)
  • of your work
  • name
  • date of the defense
  • name or logo of your university

second Agenda
Give a brief overview of the agenda of your presentation so that your audience knows what to expect.

Our recommendation : In addition you can insert your outline in the header of your presentation. This can serve as a navigation aid for the audience. But be careful that your films this does not flamboyant.

3rd Introduction
Awaken interest in your audience by you start your presentation with an exciting introduction.

where you can, for example, to the following questions received:

  • is this issue relevant?
  • is the goal of your work?
  • there a result with which you did not expect?

4th Research topic
In order to introduce in your topic, you should introduce your research.

Explain this short important terms and theories. Attempts to simplify complex situations and using charts to illustrate.

5th Methodology
So your results are understandable, you should briefly explain your research methods. Here you can orient yourself the following questions:

  • kind of method did you use?
  • did you proceed in the investigation?
  • have you raised your data?
  • qualities have your data?
  • did you evaluate your data?

6th Results
Present and explain the evaluation of your data. Summarize here the main results of your dissertation together.

seventh Conclusion and further research approaches
Finally you should sum up your dissertation in a conclusion. Answer this also your research questions.

manner, if appropriate, indicate further research approaches or limitations of your study. Leite then to discuss.

8th Sources
Clarify beforehand with your audit committee on whether references are required in your presentation. If you specify the sources used, you should be on the safe side.

Checklist: A successful PowerPoint thesis presentation create

readable font size (not less than 20)

Contrasting colors of background and text

Not too much text on the slides write (your presentation serves as a support for spoken)

visualization (pictures, tables, charts, examples, etc.)

Correct spelling and grammar

The presentation is doubly secured (USB stick + online z. B. Drive)

Congratulations to the perfect presentation of your thesis! Still use the other checklists to improve your final paper.