Considerations regarding the ways of studying and theses

Many people who have graduated from university often say that their studies have taught them to gain knowledge in the first place. The following article will present various reflections on ways of learning and theses. It is widely known that the most effective way to learn is the method of learning based on the student-master system. In this way, the greatest artists in history were taught – namely, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Both these great artists had their masters. They drew their knowledge from them to overcome the achievements of their teachers.

Various studies indicate that a higher level of teaching is in classes of people of the same gender than in mixed-up classes. In summary, the level of teaching is highest in the case of the student master system. If we are already learning in groups, the higher level of teaching is in male and female classes than in gender-mixed ones.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the practical use of knowledge that we gain. As Julius Caesar used to say, “practice is the teacher of everything.” At the end of the studies, we will be required to write a bachelor thesis first, and then a master thesis. Below we will present a few reflections on the creation of diploma theses.

Bachelor’s, master’s and engineering thesis – how to write them?

For many students, creating graduate work is a sad necessity. This is not the best approach. It should be assumed that a given thesis is an introduction to a future career. You have to believe that the knowledge gained from this work will be useful in your future professional life. In other words, this knowledge is to have practical use in real business operations.

The issue about which you will write your bachelor’s, master’s or engineering thesis should be strongly related to business practice. Writing on purely abstract topics will not help you in your career. Besides, if you see that what you are writing is rather detached from reality, then you will not have the right motivation to devote your precious time every day to create such a job.

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